TheMiniDrive NANO - 14mm


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Designed to universally fit all SD card ports, TheMiniDrive Nano provides up to +128gb additional onboard storage.  At 14mm long, this is the smallest MiniDrive ever manufactured. TheMiniDrive is equipped with a plastic composite tab for easy insertion and tool-free removal. TheMiniDrive is compatible with all microSD cards- microSD card not included. 

Designed to fit all SD ports including:

TheMiniDrive NANO is also compatible with all PC laptops providing an onboard storage boost for computers such as the, Yoga 2 Pro,  Acer S7, 392 Ultrabook, ASUS Zenbook, Google ChromeBooks as well as many other tablets and highbreds with small SD ports.  

You may also order TheMiniDrive Universal NANO - 14mm directly from Amazon!