I lost the removal tool - Help?!

  • FREE replacement! If you would like a new red wire mailed to you directly, just send a self addressed, stamped envelope to  
  • Any small wire can be used to remove TheMiniDrive. A staple from a normal stapler, or a wire twist-tie form a loaf of bread works great in a pinch! 
            * Please note: a paperclip should not be used for removal, paperclips are too thick and will damage TheMiniDrive.

TheMiniDrive doesn't fit? 

  • Confirm that you purchased the correct model here. Some models are longer than others. 
  • For any "microSD adapter", ensure the MicroSD card is fully seated inside TheMiniDrive Adapter.
  • If after trying the methods above your card is still too thick or otherwise incompatible, please email us at

TheMiniDrive doesn't show up on my computer? 

  • Confirm TheMiniDrive is fully inserted into your computer;s SD slot. It may be helpful to use a coin or similar small object to GENTLY push TheMiniDrive card in. For MacBooks using TheMiniDrive Original, or TheMIniDrive Nano, this is especially true. 
  • For any "microSD Adapter", make sure the microSD card is fully inserted into TheMiniDrive adapter.  
  • Insert QUICKLY, TheMiniDrive needs to be installed quickly. Remove it and push it back in.
  • Clean the gold "Contact Points" to ensure good data transfer rates;
    • Clean the external “contact points”. Remove and re-insert the MiniDrive into the MacBook SD slot (25x)
    • Clean the internal “contact points”. Remove and re-insert the MicroSD card into TheMiniDrive rapidly (25x). (for microSD adapters only)


TheMiniDrive is stuck inside my computer?!

  • Not to worry! TheMiniDrive product line is engineered with a "fail safe" in the event of any breakage. Please email us  and we will be happy to walk you though the simple process of removal. 

If after trying the methods above you are still having problems, please email us at


After Sleeping TheMiniDrive sometimes is not there?

  • This is a result of settings in OSX and not TheMiniDrive. Not to worry, there are simple software fixes! Either unplug TheMiniDrive and plug it back in, or run a simple software like Jettison

Error: "Disk not ejected properly"?

  • Sometime MicroSD cards can become unmounted after your computer goes to sleep, especially if your battery has died. Other times this error is the result of settings in OSX and not an issue with TheMiniDrive; a simple software like Jettison will fix the problem! In yet other scenarios, this error could be the result of a faulty microSD card placed under heavy load and not an issue with TheMiniDrive adapter, in these cases contact the microSD card manufacturer. If you beleive that there is an issue with TheMiniDrive adapter, follow the steps above for "TheMiniDrive doesn't show up on my computer", and that will solve any problems you have!