Quickly increase the data storage space in your MacBook for less money.

In 2011, when our MacBook ran out of storage space, we went to replace its hard drive. Not wanting to spend the $350 Apple charges to perform the upgrade, we used a large SD card from a digital camera instead. The SD card was not without its flaws however; it stuck out from the side of the computer and would snag on whatever case or bag we tried to transport the laptop in. 

It was out of this frustration that the first Original MiniDrive was born. TheMiniDrive Original is a short MicroSD adapter that sits flush and can be left plugged into MacBook Air 13”, Pro and Retina 15” models. The Original MiniDrive also fits ChromeBooks and Raspberry Pi’s.

After a positive response to the Original MiniDrive, we decided to manufacture a new MiniDrive that would “disappear” into a MacBook. Now available are TheMiniDrive Air, TheMiniDrive Retina 13,  TheMiniDrive Retina 15" (2012), New Retina 15" (2014) and TheMiniDrive Pro (non Retina) models, each with a custom metallic finished endcap that fits perfectly into a MacBook SD slot. 

The next major improvement came through the release of our fully integrated 128gb Flash line. Here we use the best flash memory modules currently availble to provide TheMiniDrive with un-before seen MiniDrive performance. TheMiniDrive 128gb line achieves read/write speeds twice those provided by an adapter-based minidrive.

The Universal NANO line captures our latest set of products. Through this line we are able to offer the smallest* MiniDrive ever produced; a 14mm, pull tab based, MiniDrive that will universally fit all MacBook Models with an SD port and any/all PC laptops with short SD ports! Examples include, Yoga 2 Pro,  Acer S7 392 Ultrabook, ASUS Zenbook etc any new non Mac Laptop and or tablet highbred with a short SD port.

TheMiniDrive: Designed In Cambridge Massachusetts USA.
Assembled in Cambridge MA USA from Parts Foreign and Domestic.   
All products sold by TheMiniDrive are backed by TheMiniDrive Guarantee.