Do you usually access the Snapchat Discovery page? Now it will be much more interesting.

Posted by Mini Drive on 2016-06-08

Snapchat confirmed today an update on the layout of the discoveries page. That page that you find sliding the screen to the left. The page, known as Discovery, brings together all the original content produced by partners of the social network.

Now the system is more like a conventional timeline, such as that we see on Instagram, for example. The user has access to a list of publications in chronological order. Today, the total monthly users who access the Discover tab would be 60 million, too little by taking into account that Snapchat has about 100 million daily users. The idea with the changes, then, is to bring a lot more people.

Another rumor...

The company has not yet confirmed, but it is possible that we will see soon an algorithm of Content organization on the social network. As well as Facebook and Twitter, Snapchat would be testing a system that show advertisers according to taste demonstrated by the user, showing with over highlights those which might be more interesting and forcing brands to create more relevant elements, and become more attractive.

The company makes clear that the interaction with users, friends and celebrities will remain the same. The news happen exclusively on the Discovery tab, and sending and receiving messages, as well as the viewing public stories posted by users of the platform, will continue to work the same way as they are today.

The intention of the change is to give new life to dicovery feature through the new layout. The company also wants to increase viewing numbers and enable users to access videos and images that were once forgotten. Before, it was necessary to touch on the circles of partners to access certain channels, it is now possible to have contact with a preview of the contents of each channel.

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