SSD that weighs 1 gram and can hold up to 512 GB will be on the market soon. What has Samsung been doing?

Posted by Mini Drive on 2016-06-01

Samsung announced the first SSD NVMe PCIe, and also already begun the mass production of the device. What makes this SSD so special? It is the smallest and most powerful SSD on the market. Meet the PM971-NVMe.

It stores up to 512 GB of files and weighs just 1 gram.

Thanks to TurboWrite technology, this small device can run at 1.5 gigabyte per second, in addition to recording at 900 MB / s. All this in a small piece as big as a coin. According to Samsung, the chip is a BGA package, and measures 20 mm x 16 mm x 1.5 mm. This is equivalent to 16 memories of 48 V-NAND Flash layers of third generation.

Jung-bae Lee, vice president of the engineering team of Samsung Electronics, said: "The new SSD BHA NVMe (PM971-NVMe) triples the performance of a typical SSD SATA, in the smallest possible size, with a storage capacity reaching 512GB."

The company will provide the SSD in three versions of storage, 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB, and should be available in the market since June or July.
According to Samsung, the performance of PM971-NVMe equivalent to transfer a full HD movie with 5GB in just 3 seconds - or download the video at 6 seconds. Compared to HDDs, for example., It is 1500 times faster than traditional storage devices.

  • HDD: 120 IOPS in random reading process

  • NVMe SSD PCIe: between 150k and 190k IOPS in random read

What can we expect of the next computers, after being presented this new technology? With this new SSD, computers can be even lighter and thinner, and finally, we will see long-lasting batteries. And after all, can the next MacBooks come with a small addition of Samsung?


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