The era of personal assistants. Apple "open" Siri for developers and prepares to launch its own domestic assistant.

Posted by Mini Drive on 2016-05-31

'Siri' is probably the most famous 'personal assistant' in the world. The Apple's application is known by the good mood, and is frequently used by iPhone users. So, it's not a surprise that the application developers are excited about this news.Currently, Siri is not able to interact with other smartphone applications. That is, you can't use the voice command to perform some action with Facebook, or other devices.
If this rumor is true, Apple will release a software development kit for Siri, and this launch will happen at WWDC.

Others 'personal assistants' in the market, such as Cortana, from Google, and Alexa, from Amazon, already have the ability to interact with other applications and devices.

Over recent weeks, some rumors circulated about an Apple response to Amazon Echo, and the product announced by Google, Google Home. These rumors had already predicted that the new Apple hardware would be connected with Siri. But the most controversial rumor, has been the possibility that the home version of Siri comes with a built-in camera, with facial recognition technology. The purpose of this camera is to make the experience even more personalized. With that, the system can recognize who is in the environment and modify some things according to consumer preferences, for example, modify the room light patterns, start a custom music playlist.

Lack little time for us to know if these rumors will be confirmed. WWDC will take place between 13th and 17th June in San Francisco. There are many rumors to be confirmed during the Apple developer conference, rumors about the iPhone 7, others about the new MacBook Pro, and now about Siri. Which of these rumors make you more excited?


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