Rumors, rumors, rumors ... What are people are saying about the upcoming MacBook Pro?

Posted by Mini Drive on 2016-05-26

Apple is a company surrounded by rumors. This week we talked about the rumors circulating about the next iPhone, the iPhone 7, which should be released in September. Last Monday, the site 9to5Mac, released new rumors now about the next MacBook Pro.
The predictions provided by 9to5Mac, are from Ming-Chi Kuoanalyst at KGI Securities. The analyst has a history of successes in their predictions about Apple. He predicted the launch of the 4-inch iPhone and that the iPhone would have a negative performance in 2016.

Kuo's Predictions for the new MacBook Pro are very interesting.

OLED screen

We have said, in the post about the rumors about the iPhone 7, that Foxconn bought the company Sharp. Sharp is the largest producer of OLED and AMOLED in the market. Foxconn is the largest partner of Apple in the production of hardware. OLED screens are demonstrably better than LCD screens, provide more vivid colors and save energy, and also are sensitive to touch. Kuo claims that OLED technology will be present in the new MacBook. It will not fully integrate the main screen of the new Mac, but the forecast is that the laptop comes with an OLED bar above the physical keyboard, replacing the function keys (Esc, F1, F2 ...).

Touch ID

The biometric scanning system of the iPhone can reach the MacBook. The initial rumor is that it will be integrated with the iPhone through an application. However, some rumors about MacBooks with this functionality already circulated before, including the suspicion that it would be done through the trackpad.

Other rumors

To keep the new MacBook thinner, Apple is considering implementing the 'Butterfly keyboard', which was presented in the latest release, Retina MacBook 12".
Another implementation that Apple wants to keep is the USB-C port. In the MacBook Retina 12", that is the only port in the entire computer, everything must be done through it, charging, data transfer, connections with other devices.
In the new MBP, there must be a USB-C port and alsoThunderbolt 3 inputs, with data transfer speed of up to 40 Gb / s.

All these rumors should be confirmed or refuted during the WWDC. Which one you would like to be confirmed?

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