Twitter will remove images, gifs, links and mentions to other users of the 140 character count

Posted by Mini Drive on 2016-05-24

Today, Twitter released a statement with the following title: "Coming soon: Express even more in 140 characters." Twitter announced that soon the character count of tweets will change, leaving more room to express your message. Currently you can add photos, gifs, and other media in each tweet, but for that, you sacrifice some of the characters you are entitled per message. The same happens when you decide to place a link or mention another user in the message.

How Works the Twitter character count today?

Currently, when you add anything to your tweet, picture, gif, link, the amount of characters you can use in the message decreases. An image, or gif, consumes 24 characters. A link, even after being "shortened", consumes 23 characters. Every time you mention another user, the @ symbol, and each of the letters, consumes a character.
So, if you want to send a link, mentioning one or more users, and put any picture in your tweet, almost no room is left to say what it is about.
Here in TheMiniBlog, we have the custom to put some information on the images, so that our users can know a little more about the content that we are sharing via Twitter.
How will be the Twitter character count after the change?

Only the characters of your message will be counted! That is, what you really like to say.

Every time you attach a file, mentioning a user, add a link, or even create a poll, there will remain 140 characters for you to make your tweet.
Another thing that changes is when you start tweet with the name of another user, like with @replies, you must place a "." before the @ sign so that all your followers will receive this message. That will not be necessary. Now all your tweets will be delivered to all your followers. The same will happen when someone starts the tweet mentioning you. All the followers of that person will receive this tweet in their timelines. This is good news for people who use Twitter for disclosure. As is the case of our blog. Anytime someone mention @The_Mini_Drive, all that person's followers will see this tweet, and discover how our blog is full of cool news and know

Twitter also released a report about retweets. This news is not about character count, but about the possibility of giving "RT" in our own tweets. Currently, you can only give "RT" in tweets of other people, as an incentive for people to share each other's ideas. But soon, you will be able to "RT" your own tweets. You will be able to share your old messages and even quote yourself.

Are you an active user on Twitter? We would like to know what you like to see in your timeline!


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