The rumors about iPhone 7. Dual back camera, glass substrate and 256 GB of storage, what more are people saying about the upcoming release of Apple?

Posted by Mini Drive on 2016-05-23

Many people are still wishing the iPhone 6, but some others are already eyeing the next model of this Smartphone. The launch date of the iPhone 7 is the first rumor of the list. With some news about the production of the new devices, the speculation about the launch of the iPhone 7 is that it takes place in September. And, before that, some mysteries should be unraveled during the WWDC, Apple's Developers Conference. Along with the expectation caused by the new device, there is also the expectation caused by the new IOS 10. Apple has just released an update of iOS 9.3.2, which is not in its final version. Therefore, it is difficult to speculate what changes will be seen in IOS 10.

How began the rumor about the launch of the iPhone 7 in September?
According to Digitimes, technology newspaper from China, Apple's partners are already working on the production of new iPhones. The Economic Daily from Taiwan, said Apple asked suppliers to produce between 72 and 78 million units of the new smartphone.

Dual back camera.
Some news raised the rumor that the iPhone 7 will come with two cameras on the back. The Bastille Post, Chinese website, released a picture of what would be the new iPhone 7 case. On this image you can see two cameras on the back, the camera hole would be oval, containing the two lenses in the same space, and would be protuberant, as on the iPhone 6. The veracity of this news is very questionable, however, it is not the only suspect around the new camera with two lenses. Apple bought LinX Technology, a company specializing in multi-lens modules for mobile devices. MacRumors made a video explaining how it works the dual camera.

Glass case.
Business executives of companies linked to the metal cases let out that there should be a reduction in demand thanks the change of Apple. In other words, Apple will not use metal casings on all devices of new line, considering that the number of ordered smartphones increased. The glass case could be seen on the iPhone 4 a few years ago.

256 GB of storage.
One of the biggest complaints about iPhones is storage. Because it is not possible to expand the iPhone storage with a memory card, the user is forced to use only the space of the device he bought. However, with the new iPhone camera features, such as video recording in 4K, the standard 16 GB of storage has become something disadvantageous. The Apple's top model, currently has 128GB of storage space. The iPhone 7 Plus, expected to be the one with 256 GB, would have twice that space.

OLED displays
Another rumor about the iPhone 7, is that Apple will finally migrate from LCD screens to OLED. Foxconn, Apple's largest hardware partner, bought the company Sharp recently. Probably in order to begin mass production of OLED and AMOLED screens. These displays are superior to LCD screens. They reproduce colors with great fidelity and, at the same time, provide energy savings and very deep black.

Do you know any other rumor about the next iPhone? What news would you like to see on the iPhone 7?

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