There will not be Halo 5 for Windows 10! Microsoft announced a map editor, but warns that there will be no full version of the game for PCs

Posted by Mini Drive on 2016-05-23

Earlier last week, Microsoft announced the Forge, a map editor, Halo shot of of the game. 5 - Guardians, which is designed for the X-Box One Forge was designed for Windows 10, and will be released until the end of year. The program will allow you to create maps, via computer, to be used in X Box One. It will also allow multiplayer through these maps, but that does not concretized the release of the full version of the game to your computer.

Declaration given in the FAQ Forge

Forge – Halo 5: Guardians Edition on Windows 10 is a free publishing tool designed for map makers and creators to build and play their creations on Windows 10 and also publish these experiences to Xbox One. As we've stated previously, we have no plans to release Halo 5: Guardians on Windows 10. We are focused on building Halo Wars 2 for Windows 10 and Xbox One. Releasing Forge for Windows 10 for free will open up endless opportunities to the PC community to build and play Halo 5 multiplayer content, while also allowing them to share their creations with gamers on Xbox One as well. Windows 10 remains an important focus for the Halo franchise moving forward.
The good news for those who want to use the creator of maps, is that it will be built in DirectX 12 ", which should ensure good graphics and a much better performance.

Via - WindowsCentral

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