Know Tor, known software for protecting your computer from hackers, even when you access the "Deep Web"

Posted by Mini Drive on 2016-05-23

When the "Deep Web" became famous, many people were curious. Many legends about its contents were propagated. Some said it was possible to find real crimes videos, hired killers, slave trading and many other things. People had the impression that it was a specific internet place, and wanted to know how to navigate there. It was when Tor also started to become famous. Tor is a name referring to a project called "The Onion Router", of the Naval Research Laboratory in the United States, and is an open source software.
Tor is designed in C programming language, which allows many people to remain anonymous on the Internet.

How Tor works:

It hides your identity in the net and prevents any interested view your tasks. This is thanks to a complex mechanism that uses a network of data transmission passing through numerous machines.
When you send a message to someone, your message passes through several machines to reach the recipient. This hinders access to your data by third parties.


Tor confuses malicious third parties, using a network of machines, it is also able to mask your IP addresses, and block hacker attempts to accessing your PC. There is also the possibility to hide your location. Tor does not allow pages to access personal information of its users. It already blocks before you order.

Tor is one of the most appropriate programs to ensure anonymity and security for your computer. However, nothing is 100% safe, the way you act on the internet is going to strengthen this security. Remember to choose strong passwords, avoid exposing information and avoid accessing dangerous websites.

Have you experienced the anonymity provided by the Tor? Tell us!

Source: CanalTech

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