MacBook loses best-selling laptop station for the first time. This is the time of Chromebooks!

Posted by Mini Drive on 2016-05-23

Chromebooks, the famous low-cost laptops from Google, hit the number of sales of MacBooks. It is the first time it happens. It should be mentioned that it's not just Google that makes Chromebooks. Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Samsung also manufacture these low-cost computers.
According to the latest report from IDC, a company that analyzes and predicts technology market, shipments of Chromebooks exceeded the MacBooks this first quarter of 2016. Apple shipped about 1.76 million Macs while other companies sent almost 2 million Chromebooks.

In fact, it is not common to find Chromebook users. So how they have sold so many units? These computers are very popular in schools. Not only by the value, as the operating system is very simple, they are very fast. Google also promises virus safely at its operating system. In Chrome OS, every web page or application runs in a protected virtual environment.
In contrast, the Chromebook is almost useless without an internet connection. With little room for files, it saves most documents in the cloud. It does not allow to run more advanced programs and not even has an SD card slot. (You can not use a TheMiniDrive as storage unit :().

This may explain the popularity he achieved in schools, and the reason why you do not know people who have a Chromebook. One of Google bets to make the device more attractive , is free access to the Chrome OS applications on Android systems.

Is that you? Have you ever used or know someone who has a Chromebook?


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