"Apple Sent Two Men to My House. No, They Weren’t Assassins. "This man lost 122GB of music, and discovered how the Apple Music works in a nasty way

Posted by Mini Drive on 2016-05-20

James Pinkstone is a designer, Atlanta. He is also a music buff and freelance composer. This explains the fact that it has 122 GB of music stored on his MacBook. By the way, he still has those songs by luck, because they simply disappeared from his Mac's memory. Saved by a backup!
On May 4, Pinkstone reported in his blog that after hiring the Apple Music service, 122 GB of music disappeared from his MacBook, including own compositions. He tried to seek helps in forums, despite discovering that other people have gone through the same problem, the "gurus" of internet replied only that it was a problem caused by the user, not a problem with the software. That they should have deleted the files by accident.

What happened to Pinkstone was not an accident or a bug. In fact the Apple Music is scheduled to do that. When he subscribed to the application, the Apple Music assessed the collection of his songs, which was huge, and then found what it considered "correspondence" in its own database, and then erased the Pinkestone computer files. Another action application is, when there is a file without matches in the Apple database, it is sent to the database and also deleted from the computer. It happened with the original compositions by Pinkestone.

Pinkstone noted four problems with this system.

  1. If the songs are in Apple's database, not on the computer, then you can't access them when there is no internet connection.

  2. The "matches" considered by Apple are not exactly the same music. The system assumes that an older version, with different settings of a song is the same song that a current version because they have the same name, were recorded by the same artist. At this point anyone who likes music will agree with Pinkestone.

  3. If he try recover each of the songs through the cloud-shaped icon next to each file, it would take about 30 hours to do. He would have a lot of work to fix a problem that was not caused by him.

  4. And above all, the Apple database keeps the music saved in MP3 format. He used to save his compositions in WAV format, which is known to have a much better sound

After all this controversy, Apple sent two senior engineers to Pinkestone home in Atlanta. Pinkestone had recovered the songs because of a backup that was made weeks before. Howeverthe engineers was there with the intention to replicate the problem and identify the failure. Of course, before allowing them to do tests on his MacBook, Pinkestone made a backup of the files and completely cleaned his disk.

No success ...

Apple engineers could not replicate the error that led Pinkestone to lose 122GB of files. Pinkestone left a very interesting advice on his blog. He said that for years has been warning people: “hang onto your media. One day, you won’t buy a movie. You’ll buy the right to watch a movie, and that movie will be served to you. If the companies serving the movie don’t want you to see it, or they want to change something, they will have the power to do so. They can alter history, and they can make you keep paying for things that you formerly could have bought. Information will be a utility rather than a possession. Even information that you yourself have created will require unending, recurring payments just to access.”

Last week we made a few posts about the importance of backup and risks of a last-minute backup. We also talked about Time Machine, and how to configure the tool to make backups directly to your TheMiniDrive. Probably, Apple had the best of intentions when creating this system, most of the complaints about MacBooks are about their limited storage. Release this space should also allow a better performance of the machine, which becomes lighter and faster. But the only way to keep your saved files, secure and accessible, is keeping one or more backups to an external drive. Speaking of which, do you already have a TheMiniDrive? Take this warning and buy yours, ASAP, configure Time Machine and keep your files safe!


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