GBoard - Google has developed a keyboard to iPhone with integrated search

Posted by Mini Drive on 2016-05-18

Google ended up with a trouble of iPhone users. It is no longer necessary to change the application to send an information found on the Internet to a friend via chat. What does that mean? Imagine this, you and a friend combine have dinner, you choose the location, then you need to pass the address to him. How do you do it? You leave the chat application, open the browser and search the site of the place, then you copy the address to send your friend. If you own an iPhone, you no longer have to do all that.

The new Google Keyboard for iPhone has an integrated search system. On the upper left corner there is a Google icon. When you tap the icon, a search bar appears. You can search for the restaurant name, and send the information to your friend without leaving the chat application. The GBoard also allows you to search emoji and gifs, and send them directly to the conversation. Do you know The Swype and Word Flow? GBoard has a similar feature, Glide Typing allows you to write a word just by sliding your finger over the keyboard.

The keyboard works with any application. You can send links directly to Facebook comments, or you can leave messages with emoji to your friends on Instagram. The application is only available for iOS, and only in the United States. When Google release new information we we pass to you.

Watch the GBoard demonstration video!

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