Apple hires former engineers from uBeam, and arise rumors about the launch of the iPhone with wireless charging

Posted by Mini Drive on 2016-05-18

Yesterday, the website The Verge released the information that Apple hired two former engineers from the Start Up uBeam, a company focused on wireless charging technologies. If someone doesn't yet know, iWatch already has a technology that charges the battery without the use of cables. However, this system requires that the device is in contact with the source of energy all the time. That is, to recharge your iWatch is necessary to remove it from your arm and put it in contact with the power supply device.

The proposal from uBeam is to create a way to recharge the battery of the devices without cables and without contact, the loading would be made by proximity. uBeam raised $ 20 million for the project, but so far not presented any commercially viable model. The interest of Apple in hire those engineers was not disclosed by the company. However these were not the only employees that Apple hired with experience in wireless charging. In the last two years Apple has hired more than a dozen employees with experience in this area. As the charging system used in the iWatch is not so interesting to be applied to the iPhone, this can be the big difference in the smartphone for the next releases.

Earlier this year, Bloomberg reported that Apple is planning to release the cargo wirelessly to the iPhone launch in 2017. According to the article from Bloomberg, Apple's goal is to provide a wireless charging system that is more functional than elegant. To understand, charging by contact does not allow the use of the smartphone while it is being loaded, it needs to be attached to the support. If Apple is able to present a model for charging by proximity, which is commercially viable, it means that soon you can charge your iPhone while moving with it inside a room. It is easy to see the difference in functionality between the two systems.

Apple has not confirmed the hiring of those engineers is focused on developing a proximity charging technology. However, The Verge made a comment with which we agree. "It's hard to imagine this is not an area Apple is at least investigating." There are many questions about wireless charging to be resolved before we can see the first device with such technology in the market, charging contact is already less efficient than charging with power cables and charging proximity should have the same deficiency. Apple will even need those new engineers to start selling this technology.

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