Let's make a iPhone backup directly to iCloud?

Posted by Mini Drive on 2016-05-18

This week we talked a lot about how to take care of the files stored on your Mac. We talk about the risks of a late back, we talked about Time Machine, and about recover your Windows computer files and even recover files saved on old CDs.
We have many important documents saved on the computer, but it's time to realizing that we also save important things in our smartphones.

Have you already made a backup of your phone?

Generally, what we do is just transfer photos and videos to the computer in order to make room for new photos and videos. However, we spend so much time doing things by the phone that some important files are saved on the device. Now smartphones have so many functions that it is almost possible to compare them with computers. Let's start protecting files in this device too?
There is an option on your iPhone that allows you to backup your device directly to iCloud. With this, you can access these files from any device and free up space on your Smartphone. You can save your contacts, appointments, emails and photos. Nobody wants to lose this information if a problem occurs with the machine. The procedure for iPad or iPod is exactly the same.


Let's start? It will only take 5 minutes!

• Tap Settings
• iCloud
• Storage and Backup
• Enable the backup function iCloud Backup.
• Give OK in the warning box that appears.
• Wait for the activation of the Backup function
• Tap "Back Up Now"

Do you remember the Time Machine, which makes the Mac backup automatically? This function of the iPhone also does this. But after all, what I'll save in a backup of a mobile device? With this feature you will make a backup of your music, movies, books and apps you bought, photos and videos from your camera, the device settings, data from apps, the start screen and the arrangement of apps, the messages (iMessage, MMS and SMS) and of course ringtones.

Now you can restore all your settings in case of failure or device exchange! Really nice these Apple ideas, right?

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