Remote Disc - Apple gives you one last chance to recover old files burned on CDs

Posted by Mini Drive on 2016-05-17

Do you remember the floppy disk? It was a plastic device about 3.5 inches and an amazing storage capacity of 5.76 MB. If you did not get to work with floppy disk, you're probably a very young person. For many years people have used this disk as an external storage drive. The most common was to save Word documents, spreadsheets, and some pictures in low resolution. Yes, you had to have many disks to be able to store a lot of files, was impossible to make backups on these media devices, and there was no options. To save all your files you needed have dozens of floppy disks and a great sense of organization.

Why are we talking about something so old? As well as some people watched the demise of the floppy disks, you may be watching the End of Era of CDs and DVDs. CDs were popular in the 80s, mainly to store music, they gained the public for have superior audio quality than tape cassette and to be more practical than vinyl records. With the possibility of store multiple songs with good sound quality in a small disk (12 cm in diameter), people discovered that they could burn their own CDs. Everyone had a friend who made a selection of our favorite songs, for a smaller value than that of an original CD, and you could still choose your songs. Another feature of the compact disc is having a greater storage capacity than a floppy disk, it gave him a new function, backup disk. Yes, the same backup that you can do on your TheMiniDrive 15 mm long, was done in various parts, in CDs with just under 1GB of storage space.

How long have you not listen to your songs on a CD or watching a movie on a DVD? With the arrival of the flash drives we almost retired our music CDs, almost all music players have USB input, some of them even have SD and MicroSD input. CDs are currently more used as backup drives or media for software. This is the case of computer programs and games, though many can be directly downloaded from their respective sites.Another thing we can note is that we are living in the era of streaming, custom services for music and videos are among the most used. No one needs to wait the DVD release of the latest season of their favorite TV series. For these reasons, most people dismissed compact discs and began to opt for online services or small gadgets. We've talked about using a TheMiniDrive as backup drive on this article, however, we can emphasize that it can also be used to store music and movies if you want to leave them saved, you never know when the Internet will fail.

If you are already using a MacBook, your computer probably does not have a CD drive. Apple is reducing the size of their laptops, it is also removing some functions that are becoming obsolete, and the CD drive was one of the first to quit the game. Does it means that I will never be able to access my old CDs through my Mac? The answer is no. Apple provided a remote access tool to computers with a CD drive. Nice! This means I can listen the songs from that CD from 2005 that I found at home? The answer is also not ...

Unfortunately, that Apple tool has many restrictions, we believe that the intention is only recover some files, not make you go back to using CDs and DVDs. The restrictions on the type of media you can read using this tool are:

  • Audio CDs

  • Blu-ray or DVD movies

  • Copy-protected discs (such as game discs)

  • CDs or DVDs you want to record or delete

  • Microsoft Windows installation disks

To use any of the above, you'll need an external CD drive connected directly to your Mac. To use BootCamp you can create a disk image, soon we will teach how to do this.
Even with these restrictions Remote Disc tool can help you recover some files. If this is really interesting to you, follow our next post, we'll teach you how to configure the tool and use the CD drive even from a Windows computer.




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