Windows Migration Assistant - transfer your data to your new Mac without a flash drive.

Posted by Mini Drive on 2016-05-17

The MacBook is one of the best computers on the market. It is also one of the most expensive. For this reason, rarely your first computer will be a Mac, you will pass through some Windows computers before you can make that investment.
Is it worth waiting and save as much money to buy a MacBook? This is one thing you need to decide, based on your needs and what a Mac can offer you. We are preparing a post with some information about it for you!

No matter how long you have spent with your Windows computer, you will create a little world within it. Files, photos, videos, it seems they are the only things that you will miss when you say goodbye, is not it? But your routine on the computer also includes those shortcuts saved on the desktop, bookmarks saved in your browser (after all, you will want to use Safari), all on your Windows is already adapted to make your life easiest.

What if you could make your Mac look just like your Windows?

Generally, when we buy a new computer, we transfer all the data manually. Especially the files, we transfer everything for a flash drive and then to the new computer. That is done in several steps, as flash drives do not have a large storage space.
Apple offers a lot of tools to facilitate the migration to Mac. We've talked BootCamp, which allows you to divide your computer in two operating systems even if you are not an expert in computer science. We also talked about Time Machine, a tool that makes your backups automatically, and also saves these backups on an external disk. Now let's talk about Windows Migration Assistant.
This tool will bring the information that you saved on your old Windows computer to your Mac. This information will be available in the Apple operating system, OS X, it is not necessary to BootCamp.

The Migration Assistant

Before you start using the Migration Assistant you must do the following:

  • Update Windows on your old computer. The tool works only for Windows XP and later. It is unlikely that you have an operating system previous to XP, but we think it would not hurt to warn.

  • Write down the username and password for the PC administrator account. You will need this information.

  • Connect the Mac and the PC to the same network. It may be the wifi from your home, or you can use an Ethernet cable between the Mac's Ethernet port and PC.

  • Download the Migration Assistant on your Windows computer and do the installation.

Now let's start the Migration Assistant and take your life for your Mac

On the PC:

  1. Quit all open applications on Windows.

  2. Open the Windows Migration Assistant on PC.

  3. Click Continue in the Migration Assistant window to start the process.

On the Mac:

  1. Open the Migration Assistant in the Utilities folder on the Mac.

  2. Follow the instructions on the screen until you reach the assistant to migration panel.

  3. Select the option to transfer information "from a Windows PC"

  4. When prompted, enter a name and an admin password.

  5. Click Continue to close all other open apps.

  6. Select the PC on the Available computers list.

On the PC and Mac:

  1. Wait until appears on the PC the passcode displayed on the Mac.

  2. Check the code on both screens.

  3. Click Continue on PC and Mac.

Back to the Mac:

  1. Select the information you want to migrate to the Mac and click Continue.

  2. Wait

  3. Enjoy.


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