Late Backup - The risks of leaving to save your files after a problem appears

Posted by Mini Drive on 2016-05-13

In our last post we talked about the MacBook backup system, Time Machine. Now we want to highlight the importance of keeping a full backup of your files. Backup is a secure copy held on an external storage drive of the computer, smartphone or tablet.
We are all used to request a backup of computer files when we take it to a service facility. Which is, when there was a failure in the equipment, a risk of losing all the material.

Most people have a lot of important information saved on their computer, such as documents, spreadsheets, images, videos. Important professional and personal files, which no one wants to lose.
As any electronic equipment, computers are subjected to failure. Hardware or software failures can make impossible to recover those files. That famous backup before formatting your machine is not always an option. So it's important to do your backups before issues arise. Some people save their backups in the cloud, it can also cause problems if you need to recover your files on a day when the internet is not working.

Another important thing about backups is to keep update, because you change your files every day, there is no logic in updating your backup once a year. For people who do not have a software like Time Machine, which automates backups, it is important to remember to do these backups manually.
When we have a technical problem is common to think that files saved on the hard drive are in the safest place. We believe it is always possible to recover the hard drive, put it on another machine, and there will be our files. This is not impossible, but very unlikely. HD are also subject to technical failures, they can even be affected by failures in other computer elements.

Virus atack

If you need to recover your computer files after a virus attack, late backup provides another risk; is very common that an infected file goes back to the computer through your backup. If the infected file is selected for backup and then restored to your system, your computer will be infected again.

Viruses and technical failures can also damage your files. You know when you open a file that you know it exists and it was intact, and it appears as become corrupted without explanation? This is common and in most cases we do not know how it happened. Think of the most beautiful picture of your last trip, or that spreadsheet you took hours to make, you don't want to lose these files, keep a copy of them on an external drive.


Every kind of misfortune can happen to your computer, it can be stolen, misplaced hours before that business meeting, you can forget the window open and starting a storm. It seems an exaggeration, but when it comes to protecting your data, excessive zeal can be your ally.

Have at least two identical backups of your files. Choose reliable media. In the previous article we commented on the lack of security of flashdrives and the their lack of practicability of DVDs.

Our warraty

We ensure the security of TheMinidrive to protect your backups of possible technical failures and accidents that can damage your computer. All this combined with the practicality of an SD card. Do not wait to something bad happens to your computer to worry about your files. Start your regular backups and stay relaxed.

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