Time Machine - The smart backup system from Apple

Posted by Mini Drive on 2016-05-12

Even the most lay users know the importance of keeping backups of the content of their computers. This is because in case of losing access to that data through the computer, a backup is the safest way to recover those files.
Nobody wants to lose their photos, work documents, holiday videos. Even people who don't use the computer as a work tool has important files saved on their computer. However, Apple provides a tool that saves your entire computer, not just your files. Do you want to understand it better?

But after all, what is Time Machine?

According to Apple "Time Machine is a tool that backs up all your files to an external hard drive so you can restore them later or check the older versions."
This tool is already integrated into the OS X system, such as BootCamp, and it can make one or more backup copies of your files.
In addition to backup photos, music, movies and documents, Time Machine is also able to make copies of system files, personal settings, user accounts and applications. It creates a clone of your machine that can be restored at any time without having to redo all the settings that are essential for you.
Time Machine also allows you to recover the files exactly as they were on a certain date, if you had made changes to a file and don't want it anymore, you can retrieve that file with the characteristics it had before the changes.

Time Machine saves the backups to external drives for obvious reasons. Therefore, it is important to choose a safe drive as the destination for your backups. Consider the security and convenience at the time in order to restore your files, consider the type of media if you are going to change your computer, the storage capacity of the disks, etc.

The devices less suitable for this procedure are the flashdrives, they don't offer the security that other discs can offer. How many times you had a flash drive completely unusable and lost the files inside it? With me it happened at least twice.
You can also make backups on DVD units that have room for it, but a disadvantage of this device is that most MacBooks no longer have readers for those discs. In the case of the new MacBooks that have only a USB-C Input is even more difficult to use the DVD as a backup unit, most of the expansion hubs only recover USB and SD ports.

You can use a TheMiniDrive as an internal backup drive for Time Machine.

TheMiniDrive integrates with your MacBook's native Time Machine. Easily set up a daily back-up to run automatically while TheMiniDrive is present. And because TheMiniDrive is water-proof and shock-proof (unlike your Mac) you'll be able to keep your files in the event of an accident.
The use of TheMiniDrive also allows you to free yourself from extra cables and devices. Keeping your backups inside your MacBook making easy to access and easy to transfer anytime. If you need them on a different computer, just remove the TheMiniDrive and connect it to the new terminal.

Did you already know the Time Machine?
Have you ever thought of using a MiniDrive as backup drive?

Make sure your Time Machine can carry your files to any place!




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