Campus Party - A city for nerds.

Posted by Mini Drive on 2016-05-11

In January of this year we participated of Campus Party Brazil. The TheMiniBlog still didn't exist, then we didn't share this experience with you yet. So, we've decided to do that during this week.

What is Campus Party?

It is not possible to describe the event as a conference, a convention or a camp. We can say that is a city created for nerds, geeks and technology enthusiasts.
The event offers a free area with some stands and talks, but the full experience is much bigger and even has a campping area. There were about 8000 people camped, youth, adults, and even children, accompanied by adults of course.

Photo: Willian Soares Alves Campus Party Brazil

A city for nerds - Compare the event with a real town is not a simple joke.
People eat, sleep, take baths, "attend to classes", play, dance, have fun and even work, as was our case, inside the campus.
This city even has a name for its citizens.

Campusero - This is the name given to the participants of this event.
Being a Campusero is a very intense experience, you wake up surrounded by activities and options, workshops, lectures, games, and many people to meet and make a good networking.

Arena - This space looked like one of those modern and funky offices. Stages, stands of sponsors, work benches, everything shares the same space inside a huge gallery, creating a lot of different environments.
All benches possessed internet access and the campuseros felt safe to leave their computers on the desks, even during their sleep. As the space was monitored all the time was enough to carry a computers lock and collect small gadgets.
Inside the Arena there were many couches, which people could gather in groups for chatting. Some sponsors also created areas with couches and poufs.
In many benches it was possible to find interesting things. Robots everywhere, customized computers, people walking their hoverboards and some small businesses selling accessories and souvenirs.
This environment gave the really impression of living in a future city.

Photo: Pedro Fernandes Campus Party Brazil 

Fun - Anyone who thinks that the famous geeks just have fun playing online and surfing the internet need to know the Campus Party. Of course the geeks did this a lot, but all the time there were different activities promoted by the own campuseros.
There was a lot of music, all the nights there was a Cultural Gathering at one of the stands, a group organized Forró workshops, popular dance of Brazil. Of course there were people playing Just Dance, including that every year happens a tournament of this game.
There was even a poker tournament during the event, and all card games known in this universe.
The stages were divided in many areas, showing that the public interest is not limited to games and robots. Topics discussed included creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Photo: Pedro Fernandes Campus Party Brazil


The next edition will be in Netherlands, later this month and in June will be held the Mexican edition.
Unfortunately there won't be Campus Party in the United States.
Did you like the Campus Party?
We will tell more about what happened when we were in the Brazilian edition!

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