Microsoft AIK tool – A tutorial to install Windows in your Mac from your TheMiniDrive (External Drive)

Posted by Mini Drive on 2016-05-06

If you try to make this process by the conventional way the windows installation program will refuse to install itself to an external USB Drive but it is not a problem.

There's a way to install windows installation files on an external USB drive, and once booted from it, Windows will finish to install itself from said drive.

You will need :

- Windows 8.1 ISO file - Apple Bootcamp tools are meant for Windows 64 pixels
- A running PC (on windows 7 or 8) real or virtualised
- A blank external drive (at least 16GB) - Don’t remain your data in the disk because it will be erased.

Software :

Apple Bootcamp drivers (obtained from the BootCamp setup)
- Microsoft AIK tool 
- Power Iso (create a virtual drive, unless you're using a Virtualised Window)

 On your existing PC Setup, do the following steps (the commands will be in uppercase, type them in lowercase) :

1 - install Windows AIK
2 - navigate to this folder : C:\program files\Windows AIK\Tools\Amd64\
3 - in this folder, move the file imagex.exe to the root folder of your C:\ drive
4 - launch the CMD line tool (clic on the Start menu, in the search bar type CMD, then launch it from the menu)
5 - at the prompt, type DISKPART and hit Return Key the command line will be like this DISKPART >
6 - type LIST DISK and hit Return Key

     It will list each available drive on your PC with a Disk number (DISK 0 ; DISK 1; DISK # ; etc...)

 7 - Choose the disk you want your windows installed onto and type accordingly SELECT DISK # and hit Return Key (# being the number of the disk you want to use (ie SELECT DISK 2) and hit Return Key (according the example the prompt will state that disk 2 is now the selected disk). Just to be sure of what you did, you can type LIST DISK again, and you will see a * in front of the disk you will erase and prepare for the installation of windows. This is the moment that you must choose TheMiniDrive the destination.


8 - Type CLEAN and hit Return Key
    DiskPart succeeded in cleaning the disk
 9 - Type CREATE PARTITION 1 and hit Return Key
     DiskPart succeeded in creating the specified partition
10 - Type SELECT PARTITION 1 and hit Return Key
     Partition 1 is now the selected partition
11 - Type ACTIVE and hit Return Key
     DiskPart marked the current partition as active
12 - Type FORMAT FS=NTFS QUICK and hit Return Key
     DiskPart successfully formatted the volume
 13 - Type ASSIGN and hit Return Key
     DiskPart successfully assigned the drive letter or mount point
 14 - Type EXIT and hit Return Key or close the window

 Following 15 to 17 steps will allow you to have the window 8 ISO mounted as a drive. If you are doing this with Parallels Desktop or VMWare fusion, just mount the .iso file as a drive in the CD/DVD Drive section of the software and go to step 17

     15 - Install PowerISO
     16 - Clic on the "Mount button", and select "Set Number of Drives Menu", choose "1 Drive"
     17 - Then clic on the "Mount button" again, then "Mount Image". Select your windows 8.1 ISO file and clic "Open"

Following steps are for everyone: Please note your drives letters before proceeding : 
          What is your Windows CD drive Letter ? My Windows Drive letter is E:           What is your external Hard drive letter ? My USB Drive letter is G: So remember to change the letters for your system accordingly.

18 - Verify that your Window installation drive is properly mounted : clic on the Start menu then Computer, then check the drives
19 - Open CMD tool again, but this time as an Administrator : clic on the Start menu, then in the search bar type CMD, then right-clic on it in the menu and select Run as Administrator
20 - Type  C:\IMAGEX.EXE /APPLY E:\sources\install.wim 1 G:\ and hit Return Key (remember to change the letters to fit your setup)  there's several spaces in the above command ligne. You'll see the ImageX Tool for Windows running, with a percentage [   X% ] Applying progress. It'll take 8 to 12 minutes to complete. 
21 - Now we'll make the USB Drive Bootable. Type  BCDBOOT G:\WINDOWS /S G:  Boot files successfully created. 

You're Done !!

 Now, plug TheMiniDrive to your Mac. Start it and hold the ALT Key, and choose the it. Windows will boot, and then will reboot the computer. at the boot chime hold ALT key and again choose the Windows drive to boot from. Once on the Windows desktop appears, plug your Apple Windows Drivers keydrive and install the Bootcamp drivers. After a while, the installation will be done, you just have to reboot Windows, hold ALT again at startup to choose the Windows drive!

 You just completed the installation of Windows on an external drive, and you can boot it whenever you want. The best part of this is that you can use your Windows only when you want to use Windows, and free all that space from your internal Hard drive. This tutorial was found on and we test the process to make sure it works for TheMiniDrive.

 We hope you enjoy this tutorial!!

Do you have another suggestion to install Windows on an external drive? Share with us!









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