BootCamp: You can have Windows OS in your MacBook

Posted by Mini Drive on 2016-05-03

Make a MacBook run the Windows OS is nothing new but a lot of people don't know what this really means. The first doubt that comes up is: If I instal Windows at my Mac I will lose the OS X? The answer is No. BootCamp is a tool that allows execute Windows in a Mac, turning it in a dual-boot machine. This means that you will can chose initialize the system with Mac OS X or Windows.

This can answer another common doubt: Can I use both systems at the same time? Since the systems are partitioned you can execute only one at a time, so if you need execute tasks in Windows and then in Mac SO X you will need initialize the system again. Some programs can execute Windows in a virtual machine and you can use both systems at the same time, however the performance will be reduced because it is an emulation. With BootCamp you can run Windows with native speed, the Windows apps have total access to the Mac processors, in other words you can execute Bill Gates operating system with the MacBook performance.

You need clear space for Windows ir your HD, Apple suggests you reserve 55 GB for install Windows and actualize your MAc with intel processor to the most recent version of OS X. It's possible to execute BootCamp in TheMiniDrive, we are preparing a tutorial for you! The integrated model comes with 128GB, more than enough to the process.

You also need to make a security back up of your important files. It's not common lose the files but is a good idea prevent a tragedy.

The reasons to have two operating systems in the Mac are different for each person. Windows is the OS most utilized in the world, consequently there are many programs that just can be executed in this system. It's pretty common in institutional softwares and games.



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