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Posted by Mini Drive on 2016-05-02


Before asking what this post is doing in a Tech Blog we want to tell you a secret:

All technological development is a creative process.

You could spend years studying, and understand the entire tech that already exist, however without some dose of imagination, you won't be creating anything new. The process of creating totally unique ideas or improve old ideas is exactly like to write a book, make a painting, compose a song. You need to see yourself as an artist.

Why is so important to know that technological innovations are also artistic creations? Both processes face the same traps and threats, and become stronger with the same weapons and skills. Differently of jobs with established procedures, the intellectual creation can't be automated. You need run away from the obvious; if you follow always the same steps, you will achieve always the same result.

We live in a world where the new ideas and applications are highlighted. Ideas that make us think: "How did I never think of this before?"

Those ideas don't appear in the head of their creators by magic. They dedicate many hours of study and a lot of imagination to develop them. By the way, they passed for the same challenges you are passing with your project.

With those challenges in mind, TheMiniBlog decided to create for you, tech artist, the #ProductivityWeek. During the entire week we will bring to you tips to identify what is blocking your work and how to become more productive.

Do you want to suggest some article for us? Just leave your opinion in the comments!

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