SSD memory – Why it will reduce my storage space?

Posted by Mini Drive on 2016-04-29

People only speak about  the SSD memory that makes your computer too much faster; however, it will reduce drastically your storage. After all what is a SSD memory? How it makes the things faster and why who decides to make the conversion lose so much space on the HD?


SSD is a Flash memory!

Flash memory is the same type of memory you will find in your flash drive, your camera memory cards and in our MiniDrivesWhat makes Flash memory so much faster than mechanic memory is the operational features of each one.


The mechanic memory records your data with a “needle” on a metal disk that remains spinning, this is responsible for the noise you hear coming from your computer. The SSD memory records your data in interconnected chips. 

However, why my space will be so reduced?


Answer: SSD memories are still very expensive!

Imagine a super pendrive, more secure, and it stay inside of your computer with no risk of you breaking it accidentally. It wouldn't be cheap, don’t you agree?

Therefore, if you change your HD with 1TB of memory for a SSD memory, possibly your budget will not allow you to preserve all that space capacity. Losing space to win speed it's worth for most people, no regrets.

Anyway, it is possible to recover the storage with other devices. A TheMiniDrive Integrated increase your storage in 128GB and it is a flash memory too. Remember that a faster computer will save you time.

Here we already decided what to do with this little extra time.


See you later!


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