This guy made an experiment, he stopped to complaining for 21 days.

Posted by Mini Drive on 2016-04-25

Alberto Brandão is a brazilian blogger who writes for the blog "Papo de homem" (man's talk) and he describe the experiment on this post.

He speak about the willpower that is necessary to do not complain about anything.

He started defining what could be considered a complaint.
Alberto considered complaints all comments with the intention to depreciate, gossip and criticism that are not constructive.
He also considered sarcasm as a complaint. The reason i because we have the custom to use sarcasm as an artifice to make a discreet complaint.

He defends the idea that complain is an automatic process, so to not complain you need to pay attention on every thing that you say.

Our brains act in two different ways.
The first one is automatic and we use to make everything that we don't need to think to execute.
The other one requires more efforts.
We develop the automatic way to think by repetition.

When we do something too much, we "learn" how to do and start to do it automatically. We complain a lot so we don't need to think to do it, we "know how" to do it.

He also explain that one thought brings a lot of others. If you start the day with a complaint you will probably make a lot of other complaints across the day.

The first result achieved was that he started to act once he couldn't complain and get excuses to procrastinate and fail on his resolutions. He organized a good part of his life, was loyal to the diet and exercises routine and studied more than usual.


At determined moment he realized that people complain too much, they use the complaints as a way to interact with other.
How many conversations do you started with a complaint about the weather?

At this moment he reports the desire to complain about fact that people complain too much.

He believe that the big learning of the experiment was understand his impulsivity. All the time he was under the experiment rules he needed police himself.

Did you've tried to stop complain? Which learnings do you took from the experience?



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