Do you want to write for BuzzFeed? Know BuzzFeed Community!

Posted by Mini Drive on 2016-04-25

"Post your own awesome lists and creations and share them with the BuzzFeed Community."

You can have your own content published on BuzzFeed.
For that you just need to suggest your posts for them. Simple like that.

BuzzFeed Community is an opportunity to show your creativity. If the editors appreciate your post, it will be published on the BuzzFeed Community page.

That is not a place to make marketing, BuzzFeed is pretty clear about that.

They stimulate you to create fun content, make quizzes, memes, all that you believe can become viral.

To start create posts you just need to sign up.

You can create just original content, respecting the authorial rights. BuzzFeed have a post that shows how to give credits.

Actually, they have a large repertoire of tutorials to make BuzzFeed posts, BuzzFeed quizzes.



The Cat Power!

According to BuzzFeed, the internet is powered primarily by cats. LOL
So Cat Power is the measure of your rank in BuzzFeed's Community.
When you have your first post published you receive your first Cat Power.
This way you can grow up in the Community and receive perks and privileges.



You should to suggest your posts to the editor, but if you don't and they like your post it will be published anyway, but is better to prevent and always click in suggest your post.

That is a good way to show your skills to a big company, make a good portfolio to show your capacity to create content.

There is no information about payments but is a good way to start be recognized.

Did you have an account on BuzzFeed Community?
About What do you write?

Let us know in the comments!




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