“Other” Storage Space: The big monster of Mac OS X

Posted by Mini Drive on 2016-04-19

What is filling your MacBook storage?

In "About This Mac" window you will see an estimate of how much space the files are using on your drives.

If you didn't check or manage your files before may you will see a large yellow tab called "Other", many times bigger than your identified files.


This category counts files that aren't recognized as one of the other listed types (audio, movie, photos, apps, backups).

Some examples of the files that may be cataloged as 'Other':

Archives and disk images, including zips, dmg, iso, etc
Personal documents, contacts, calendar data
Items in the OS X folders such as the System folder and caches
App Plugins or extensions
File types not recognized by Spotlight
Documents and file types, including PDF, doc, PSD, etc


These files are often forgotten when we are cleaning the storage to save space.
Many times we have copies and old files that are not important anymore and are occupying a lot of space.

Apple suggest examine the items in your home folder ,Documents, Downloads or Desktop folders, to make sure you aren't keeping any files you don't need anymore.

Of course you must be careful to don't throw away important files, all the copies of a photo that you want save.
The best idea is select what you really need and want to save, put in a secure folder, or backup, and then you can clean the files you don't need anymore.


Reduce the "Other" storage will not save your HD space forever.

It's more about to save time than save space.
We know each other, it's impossible to stop to take pictures, make video, edit some photo to surprise a friend.
If you almost finish your space once, it's probably you will make it again and will need to clean over again. 

You should think to increase your storage.

TheMiniDrive offers great options to increase your storage through the SD port. Simple and you will not need extra devices and cables outside your Mac.

Know our Products Collection and ensure a good time without "Please Mac, give me more 5GB this holiday"




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  • I highly recommend using CleanMyMac to clear your caches, find application left overs, large apps that haven’t been used in a while, and large files that you might have forgotten about. It has all these features and is a great tool to help track down junk. It isn’t free though, but might be worth it esp if you like the quick cleaning (it does most of it for you)

    A nice free option to track down junk and visualize your space hogs is called Daisy DIsk and it scans your HD and folders and shows you graphically the file and folder sizes in a pretty circle, with different sized sections of the circles in different colors – to show folders or individual files. – and makes it super easy see what the large things are that you might not remember, and then you can open them in finder directly from the app, inspect, and drag things to trash.

    My issue is always my music library (which i now keep on the miniDrive with my movies) and also large apps that i dont actually use enough but find myself wanting to keep around ‘just in case’ – like photoshop.

    Nat Cho on

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