Apple wants to teach you to use their devices.

Posted by Mini Drive on 2016-04-18

"The best place to learn about Apple products."

Sounds obvious the place is Apple Store itself but, when you buy a device for personal use, is not common the brand offer the knowledge for you, not personally.

Apple offers workshops from the basics til the editing softwares.

Free Youth Programs
They offer kids a variety of programs tailored just for them.
There are 2 programs for kids: Apple Camp and Field Trips for Students and Teachers.

And lots of workshops: Apple Watch Basics, iPhone Photography, iPhone Videography, and much more.

We are doing that through this blog, helping our customers to understand our product and creating a relationship with you.

And of course when we have the opportunity we will offer this kind of service too.
Visit Apple's site to find more information.

That idea is genial!

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