WhatsApp encryption: how it works and why it is so controversial?

Posted by Mini Drive on 2016-04-14

Everyone knows that WhatsApp is the most used app to communication in the world. There are more than one billion of users.

So much popularity brings a lot of polemics.

Last week we start to see a new message in our WhatsApps talking that our messages are now protected by end-to-end cryptography.

Immediately the world started to burn, again.


There are some people really mad with the news. Now the app is more secure and it is for all users.

The big polemic is that WhatsApp was used by criminals several times. It's impossible to control who is using the app and for what, and the company have no intention to do this.

WhatsApp don't save the messages of the users in their database.When you send a message to a friend the app take your message and deliver to the recipient, after that, your message belongs just to you and the person you sent.



Cryptography is more than this?


Yes, now the only people that will see the message and understand it will be the the person that sent the message and the recipients.

Imagine that your message will be disassembled and shuffled and back to normal just in your friend's phone. If a hacker or a government intercept the message in transit they will never understand what is the content.  

Is very difficult to define if it's good or bad. If the company breaks the security, the criminals will just change the app to messaging and use the app to steal the users informations. The company have a compromise with all the users that are no criminals.

If WhatsApp builds a way to break the cryptography in a case of investigation they can't guarantee that the code will never leak out. It's complicated have the informations of 1 billion of people in the hands.

We want to know your opinion: Prevent and solve crimes is more important than privacy and keep people informations secure?      

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