USB Adapter: How can you upgrade your storage with a MiniDrive and continue uploading your data from the Micro SD?

Posted by Mini Drive on 2016-04-14

USB adapters and Mini Drives seem to have the same function but we can point some different uses and reasons why you should have the both.

Mini Drives are the best way to increase your storage!

The discreet design of the device is perfect to keep it inserted in your computer for as long as you may need.



And even if you need a spare port do keep on accessing your files, you can use USB Adapter and TheMiniDrive together. Then you'll have more space without the need of extra cables and big external hard drives.


Adds storage space through USB port instantly.  



With that in mind, is offering a USB adapter to those who purchase any Integrated MiniDrive. The integrated models comes with a compact SD card that provides up to 128GB of storage to your computer instantly. Just plug TheMiniDrive in to get more space.  


Enter to get the coupon code!


Instead of spending time and money on storage solutions that are complicated to use, keep it simple.



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