We are changing!

Posted by Mini Drive on 2016-04-14

We are changing! Why? Because of you. We start to look at our customers and ask ourselves: Do we know them? Do we know what they need? What they want? And why we should care about that? We don't want to be just another device in your pocket. We are starting a new relationship whit the technologies and desire to start a new one with you too. The technology can be helpful, friendly and can change people and the way they interact with others. Or can be an isolation, can make the world selfish and the persons, strangers. We want to make sure that we are the type that make things better. Here we will talk about green energy, social innovations and all the big news about how society, and why not the world, evolves. And of course about how awesome can be the life with tech.


Follow us to discover together how we can live better with the technologies and not in function of it.

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