TheMiniDrive storage expansion cards for the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Retina display. Just slide it into the SD slot on the side of your MacBook and instantly boost your storage capacity. With up to 200GB available, you can store up to 62,000 photos, 32,000 songs or 1920 minutes of Full HD video.


TheMiniDrive cleverly seats a memory card inside your SD port. Our cards are waterproof, shock proof and nearly indestructible, keeping your files safe like never before! TheMiniDrive's precision design seamlessly integrates into your MacBook and unlike existing competitors doesn't require a special tool for removal.


TheMiniDrive integrates with your MacBook's native Time Machine. Easily set up a daily back-up to run automatically while TheMiniDrive is present. And because TheMiniDrive is water-proof and shock-proof (unlike your Mac) you'll be able to keep your files in the event of an accident

TheMiniDrive Featured Products

TheMiniDrive NANO line includes the shortest microSD adapter available on the market (14mm) and the 15mm 128GB Integrated NANO. The NANO line fits every MacBook, as well as some other devices without adding extra bulk.

Entire TheMiniDrive Product Line

TheMiniDrive has something for nearly every MacBook model out there. From the impossibly travel-size NANO line to expansion cards that are designed to fit seamlessly and match your MacBook's anodized aluminum finish.